Please note that at present, the services provided by a doula are not covered by most South African medical aids. However the South African Doula Association WOMBS (Women Offering Mothers Birth Support – Tel: 0860 410 032) is negotiating with local medical aid groups to encourage them to include the services of a doula as part of the claimable maternity benefits. Some medical aid premium packages do now cover these services. The more this is requested and demanded (by clients) the more progress will be made in this area.

The minimum rate for a trained and certified doula in South Africa is about R2500 per birth. This should include a minimum of one visit before birth, the actual birth (remember that a doula will stay with you for the full duration of your labour and birth) and one follow up visit after birth. Some doulas charge more because they offer more services and visits.

Birth Buddies offer the following services:

Birth Buddies doula package ** – R3000.

This can be negotiated and may be slightly more or less, depending on the tailored package you require.

** This includes 2 pre-birth and 1 post-birth visit and all items listed in the full package details, see these details in the Services Offered page.

See Areas Serviced, to see which areas are covered, or Contact Us for more information.


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