Birth Buddies offers the following Services: Birth Buddies

Whether you choose to have natural or medicated childbirth, your Birth Buddy will work with you, to prepare you and nurture you. We offer experience and specialized care uniquely designed to give you the confidence and support you need during this special time.

Birth Buddies believe in birth preparation. Education, guidance and support are essential to your desired birth outcome, especially when you are choosing to pursue a natural birth. Therefore, we prefer to spend time getting to know you, and not to just show up for your birth.

Before labour begins, we like to create a trusting bond, incorporating what you already know about how to give birth with our understanding of the mental, physical, and emotional elements. We understand that at times the journey to motherhood can be overwhelming, we are here to help make your journey an amazing and unforgettable one!

Although traditionally associated with natural births, doula services can also be very beneficial for women who chose to utilise medical pain relief and/or medical intervention in preparing for their births. Birth Buddies believe in respecting your choices and supporting them. There is sometimes a misconception that medical intervention will allow for a birth experience that is painless and easy. The reality catches many women off-guard and leaves them feeling especially vulnerable. We want to help you feel in control. Our doulas can help guide you through the unpredictability of labour and through the birth and beyond, effectively alleviating fearful and isolating situations. We will offer continual comfort and care. In fact, studies prove that women who receive doula support through the various stages of labour have more positive outcomes – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Birth Buddies will work with you to provide and facilititate whatever you have chosen and need to have a positive birth experience. Preggy Lady

Birth Buddies clients receive the following:

  • An initial consultation to ensure that we are the right match for your birth expectations. There is no separate charge for this consultation, and it is obligation free.
  • 1-2 pre-birth meetings with you (and if you chose your birth support team as well – i.e. your Doctor/Gynae/Midwife) to discuss and develop your birth plan and the needs of each person involved. This may be in your home, or at the location of your caregiver, or anywhere else you feel comfortable.
  • 24-hour phone assistance in the weeks leading up to the birth. If you need us, we’ll be there for you, to support you, encourage you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Professional labour support at your home and/or at your chosen birthing site on the day of the labour and birth.

Your birth buddy will be with you when you are ready for us to join you in active labour, either in your home or at the hospital/birthing centre. Your birth buddy will be on call 24-hours a day in the weeks leading up to your birth and can be by your side within 1-2 hours from the phone call.

During labour, you can expect massage, guided visualization, help with relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, body pampering and informational support etc. Your birth buddy will stay with you until you give birth.

  • Photography of your labour and the birth (optional) – we will gladly take photographs and/or video footage of your labour and birth. These visual records are invaluable and become more precious overtime. (A video editing service is also available (not included in the standard birth package though) whereby video footage or still photographs can be set the music and have titles etc inserted).
  • Breast-feeding support for your baby’s first latch-on. Most moms and babies are naturals at breastfeeding – it is instinctual. Sometimes however mom or baby needs a little bit of coaching the first time. Once you’ve got it it should be easy – and will prevent any problems later on.
  • Birth Story – we’ll write up our account of your birth story (optional) detailing the labour and birth. A lovely record and keepsake of your baby’s birthday.
  • Post-partum follow-up. Includes breast-feeding observation and support, answering questions you may have about your birth. We’ll also make you a cup of tea and of course admire your new baby! We’ll help ease the transition as you welcome your newborn into your family.

Pregnancy Meditation

Birth buddies are certified, or are currently working towards their certifications. They share a passion for pregnancy, labour and birth, and are dedicated to helping women achieve the birth which they want for themselves. Birth Buddies will have attended at least 5 births, either on a volunteer or paid basis. Birth Buddies are dedicated to helping couples achieve the best experience at their special and unique birth. Birth Buddies are:

    * Doulas & experienced mothers
    * Knowledgeable and attentive to your needs
    * Non-judgemental & supportive (of all people irrespective of colour, culture or creed)
    * A comforting, calming presence
    * Adhere to a high level of care and professionalism

We provide physical, emotional and informational support to you (and your partner) during labour and birth. We will offer help and suggestions on various comfort measures (such as massage, breathing, relaxation, movement and positioning) during your labour and birth. Our main role will be providing continuous emotional reassurance and comfort while you labour. Note that we do not, and may not, perform any clinical tasks (blood pressure, internal exams, dopler heart rate monitoring etc), diagnose medical conditions, or give medical advice. Most importantly, we will not make any decisions for you – but we will gladly assist you by informing you about your various options before the time, so that YOU can make an informed decision.

Our main goal is to facilitate you having the birth which is right for you.

What is included in the Birth Buddies doula package (summary)?

Pregnant Belly* An initial interview (no obligation)
* Up to 2 prenatal visits to discuss your plans for birth
* Assistance with writing a birth plan
* On call availability, 7 days a week (and 24-hours a day in the weeks leading to the birth)
* Phone and email consultations throughout your pregnancy
* Access to a library of books to borrow
* Useful tips, local resources and helpful information during pregnancy
* Complete and continuous assistance during labour and delivery
* Assistance with initial breastfeeding in first hours after delivery
* Postpartum visit in your home within first 2 weeks after delivery
* Writing our account of your birth story (if desired)
* Photos/Video of labour and birth (if desired)

Please see the Areas Serviced section to see the areas we operate in and the Pricing section for the rates and options available.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, and/or book your Birth Buddy please Contact Us. Note that Birth Buddies are still completing the doula certification at present.


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