Local Recommendations

We recommend the following local (South African) resources and services:

Doulas.co.za – a comprehensive directory of Doulas (Childbirth companions) in South Africa. Offering a nationwide childbirth companion network to assist parents, as well as training, workshops and other resources for Doulas.

Marianne Littlejohn (Spiritual Birth) Midwife – “We believe that women need to prepare for natural birth in every aspect of their lives, including the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical areas of their being. A woman deserves the right to choose her companions as well as where and how she will give birth to her child. Pregnancy and birth are normal life events for most women. To this end, interventions should be kept to a minimum wherever possible. A baby who is born gently and welcomed by warm, caring parents receives the best possible start in life. Women who are well prepared in their minds, bodies and spirits can experience birth as a profoundly moving and empowering event – a spiritual birth.”

True Midwifery – Ruth Ehrhardt is an extensively trained and experienced doula, midwife and all round birth worker based in Cape Town. She in involved in also most all midwifery and home birth gatherings and pursuits in the area.

Birth Options Midwives – situated in Plumstead, Cape Town – we highly recommend these midwives. Jane chose Birth Options midwife Kate Christie for the births of her sons.

Home Birth SA – a website dedicated to giving birth at home in South Africa…

Marjolien Gamble Yoga– Is a very experienced, kind and gentle yoga teacher. Using a holistic hatha yoga approach incorporating strength, balance, flexibility and the all important breathing and relaxation. Morning, evening or private classes available in Claremont, Cape Town. She offers regular group, special pregnant or specialised remedial treatment. Jane has been attending her classes for 10 years now! Let her know we sent you. Tel: 021 671-4068

Sunshine Colour Academy Holistic treatments for pregnancy, labour birth and beyond– Gayle Friedman is a wonderful holistic therapist offering colour therapy, aromatherapy, pre & post natal as well as baby yoga, massages, and she is a certified local doula too. She also prepares and sells pregnancy & labour aromatherapy oils and products. Based in the Cape Town City Bowl. Let her know we referred you.

MamaBamba – Antenatal retreats by the wonderfully deep, caring and soulful Robyn Sheldon – in idyllic grounds in Stellenbosch. “BRINGING THE SACRED BACK INTO BIRTH. Mothers need the safe embrace of a supportive environment to labour well. Partners need to value their role in creating this. Babies need their parent’s constant awareness of them during their journey out of the womb and into the world.” Well worth a week-end away to bond, and prepare your body, mind and soul, and relationship with your partner for a magical birth experience.

Birthworks – “With all the medical technology that’s available we have forgotten that women are very good at giving birth.” This is a website for expectant mothers and new parents as well as for midwives and doulas, that will provide them ALL with an excellent platform to exchange ideas, get advice and purchase mother and baby-friendly and enviro-friendly supplies for themselves and their babies.

Mowbray Active Birth Unit – The Active Birth Unit (ABU) is a Cape Town option for natural childbirth. This is a managed, safe and comfortable environment for active labouring.

Birth Arts International – “At Birth Arts we train dynamic wise women doulas who are skilled birth practitioners, and who are balanced in the arts of women’s ways of knowing and evidence based practice… Through Birth Arts you will train more, read more, think more and process more from various perspectives. We ask our student doulas to look in the face of society and to feel and view their souls. We do this to prepare students to excel at their chosen profession.” Jane is currently training through Birth Arts International’s Distance Learning Program

Birthing in Awareness – A wonderful Johannesburg group who are motherhood mentors and alternative healers. Providing Breastfeeding facilitation, Doula support, Reiki energy work, Therapeutic massage with essential oils and Mentoring in the Birthing from Within philosophy of mindful awareness into motherhood.

Nurture – Egg Donor Program – Nurture is South Africa’s premier Egg Donor program and is the creation of two friends who have experienced the heartbreak of infertility first hand, one as an egg donor herself, and the other as an infertility patient who went through 9 IVFs to achieve her dream. At Nurture the aim is to provide total care, managing the process from application through to donation and beyond.


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