Web Resources

The following are Internet links and resources relating to pregnancy, labour, birth & parenting which we find useful:

Doula & Midwife Resources

Wikipedia Entry for Doula – a encyclopaedic definition and description of the term doula, with some links to more information.

DONA – Doulas of North America – a large established doula organisation in the USA.

DoulaNetwork.com – Another Doula infromation site.

Life Passages Publishing and Childbirth Consulting Services -“Dedicated to sharing childbirth knowledge.” offers Childbirth Consultation Services, doulas, home support, and classes.

BirthSource – Information on babies, doulas, childbirth and more.

Midwifery Today – A wonderful information resource on all midwifery, pregnancy & birth, homebirth issues.

Conception Resources

Storknet’s Preconception Cubby – Preconception . . . Fertility . . . Trying to Conceive

Conception Planner Storknet’s Conception planning tool.

Pregnancy & Baby Getting Pregnant – Getting ready for a pregnancy and Trying To Conceive resources.

Pregnancy Resources

Due Date Calculator – when are you due? Work out your due date based on date of last menstrual cycle or conception date.

Storknet’s Pregnancy Cubby – a wealth of information, tips and tools related to your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Week by Week – a lovely week by week guide of what is happening and how your baby is gorwing while you are pregnant.

Another week-by-week pregnancy Calendar – describes changes in mom and baby on a week by week basis.

Daily Pregnancy Calendar – creates a daily calendar with an interesting development fact per day. A lovely way to mark down the days of your preganacy and marvel at the wonders of baby development.

Pregnancy & Baby – Pregnancy Resources – lots of information, tips and tools for when you are pregnant.

Labour & Birth Resources

Birth Stories – a good way to prepare yourself for birth. You will get an idea of what to expect and understand the range of possibilities while you labour and birth. It also helps you to decide which type of birth you would like for yourself.

More birth stories
– the more the better. Get comfortable with the idea of birth. You don’t fear what you know and understand!

Birth Dairies – amazing photo journals of every kind of birth! Some of these are very graphic (they are categorised). A wonderful way to prepare yourself and get a better understanding of the mechanics of birth. Most of the stories have lovely written commentatries with them explaining exactly what was going on.

Birth Plan – an on-line birth plan creator

Another birth plan creator – make the birth plan for the birth YOU want.

And another birth plan creator – another birth plan creator to look at.

Virtual Labour – a wonderful tool to help you to decide how you would like your labour to go, as well as to see how your choices in labout can affect the progress and eventual outcome of your labour. Give it a try!

Parenting Resources

Baby Boy – Foreskin care – Every parent wants a healthy, wholesome child. Knowing just a few basic tips, you can successfully clean and care for your son’s intact (not circumcised) penis. Researchers now agree that you no longer have to retract his foreskin, which makes washing his penis easier than a circumcised one.


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