These are some of the comments we have received about Birth Buddies *:

March 2007:

“THANK YOU – Dear Jane, Thank-you so much for the amazing support during my labour. I really couldn’t have done it without you. S (her husband) is eternally grateful too. Love K “

– The Mom of a 28 week preemie born via Caesarean after 48 hours of labour with attempts to stop it. She was amazing and very calm and responsive during a very scary time. Her tiny baby boy is home and well after 6 weeks in hospital and is doing beautifully.


May 2007:

“Oh Susie (sister), you helped me SO much.”

– The Mom of a full term baby born 100% naturally. Mom laboured bravely and beautifully. She was frightened towards the end and thought she couldn’t do it. With some support and encouragement she then focused well and within 5 minutes she pushed out her perfect baby boy, and was elated and grinning afterwards.

“Thank you so much 4 being there, you were amazing. I would not have made it without you. She is so perfect and lovely. Thanks for everything. We have decided her second name is going to be Jane. Thank you K & D.”

– This Mom had an intense labour with long and strong contractions every 4 minutes. She needed a lot of support and back rubbing, but laboured beautifully and instinctually. She stayed up and active throughout. She gave birth 100% naturally to a beautiful baby girl.


June 2007:

“We’re doing great. I am feeling great. She is too sweet. Thanks so much for being there with us. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Natural birth is hard work, but wow!! What an experience!! I will definitely do it again…and seriously ladies, doula’s are such a blessing! I am now a doula evangelist!! Get yourselves a doula!!”

– This brave Mom had a really tough and tiring birth experience, but she gave it everything she had and gave birth to a beautiful and perfect, big baby girl.


September 2007:

“I am just amazed at birthing naturally. It’s been a long journey and you played the biggest role. Thank-you!”

Deep down I wanted to be at home, and wow I had an unplanned home birth, something I have always wanted. Birth is so amazing!!

“I would never have been able to achieve this without all the people that I have encountered on this journey. Most of all my doula, Jane who has given me support since March  “

“Even though I did not plan a home birth and meant to be in a hospital with good back up theatre facilities, my dream of having the most amazing home birth has come true!!!!!!”

– This Mom defied all the odds and had a HVBA2C (home vaginal birth after 2 previous Caesareans)!! The plan had been to transport her to hospital for the actual birth but in the end she laboured fast and birthed beautifully at home next to her bed. She was elated to be cuddling in bed with her 3 gorgeous young children just after birthing, whereas with her previous Caesareans she’d only been ‘allowed’ to see her new baby the following day and siblings would not have been allowed to visit for a day or 2.

(* Note: the comments have been adapted to remove personal details, to respect confidentiality)


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