Technology in Birth: First Do No Harm

Technology in Birth: First Do No Harm

By Marsden Wagner, MD. Article from Midwifery Today

There is a very good, detailed article on this topic on the Midwifery today web site. Follow the links below to read more…


“Caesarean section can save the life of the mother or her baby. Caesarean section can also kill a mother or her baby. How can this be? Because every single procedure or technology used during pregnancy and birth carries risks, both for mother and baby. The decision to use technology is a judgement call—it may make things either better or worse.”

“There is not a single report in the scientific literature that shows obstetricians to be safer than midwives for low-risk or normal pregnancy and birth. So if you are among the more than 75 percent of all women with a normal pregnancy, the safest birth attendant for you is not a doctor but a midwife.”

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