Video Review: Birth As We Know It

Video Review: Birth As We Know It – Conscious Birth
by Jane Fraser (Weideman)

Whether you are already considering a natural birth or if you are undecided about whether you think a Caesarean or natural birth is the choice for you I urge you to watch Birth As We Know It .

Conscious Birth

This is from the Birth As We Know it web site:

“The Sentient Circle has released a ground breaking new film aimed at illuminating future parents on the impacts of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth. In this stunningly beautiful feature titled “Birth As We Know It” (1hr, 15 minutes), Director Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova shares her experiences as one of the co-creators of the “Conscious Birth” movement in Russia during the early 1980’s. It included a very effective birth preparation program which culminated in summer birth-camps at the Black Sea where women gave birth to their babies in warm shallow lagoons.

The movie features eleven natural births, including home birth, water birth, birth of twins, breech delivery and an astounding self-birth by Tanya Sargunas – a world renowned Spiritual Midwife and pioneer of Conscious Birth in Russia. The midwife community calls this film “the most profound and comprehensive guide to conscious birth in the world”, because it delivers a powerful transmission of what it really takes to give birth consciously and gracefully.

Also featured are informative interviews on topics rarely discussed, such as the Sexuality of Childbirth, Circumcision and Limbic Imprinting, and conveys its message in a non-intrusive, wonderfully inspirational way.

In this ground breaking new film featuring 11 births, all completely unique and all natural. This new movie from The Sentient Circle offers all a deeper insight into the nature of birth and leaves viewers in awe of its beauty.”

Giving birth with love and consciousness

Another review:

“Birth As We Know It is a treat for both the heart and mind, comfortably intertwined on a path toward realizing the full potential of birth. A new style of documentary film creates a refreshing arena for the story of Birth to unfold. A triumphant orchestration of stunning cinematography, empowering instrumentation, and a calming narrative, warms our hearts as we are reminded of the beauty of Life, and awakened to the ultimate possibilities of Birth!

BIRTH AS WE KNOW IT was initially a film for pregnant couples…..but adults and children alike are discovering that it is a heart-warming, thought provoking, life enhancing film experience.
“It is a gentle, yet powerful exploration of ourselves – at any age – reminding us of our fragile beginnings, and inspiring in us a new appreciation and understanding for the miracle of life.” …..
“Birth As We Know It is as much for birthing parents as it is for the rest of the world”

Also included on the Special Edition DVD are Additional Scenes and Interviews on unique Birthing Topics, such as:
– The Birth Of The Placenta – After Birth
– Lotus Birth – A Rite Of Passage
– Circumcision – What Every Parent Should Know
Guest Interviews And Reflections On :
– Sexuality and Birth
– Spirituality and Birth
– The Inner-Strength Of Motherhood
– Healing Birth Trauma
– Birth And Nature
– Infancy Without Diapers
– Communication and Bonding
– And More …


Some of you will embrace this with great relief and joy, others of you may find it too confronting. Personally, this is one of the most comprehensive birth videos you could imagine, all topics covered from conception to all the issues and decisions you will need to face once you have your baby.

This will create great discussion and really get you thinking and feeling in a way that will serve you best. A great compliment to the birth classes you may be doing, but even more valuable! “

Natural Water Birth

You can view the Birth As we Know it trailer here.

This movie can be profoundly and devastatingly moving and deeply emotive to watch. It is likely to bring up a full range of emotions from joy, exhilaration, contentedness, happiness,through to sadness, distress, and even anger.

The section showing the contrast between the peaceful harmonious and natural births and the sterile almost violent and abusive clinical births can be particularly disturbing to watch, especially after viewing a the conscious births. The gentle conscious births make one feel content and warm, but the hospital ones evoke deep emotions and discord – possibly awakening deep-seated limbic memories of our own birth traumas.

This movie is recommended viewing for any pregnant mum (or someone planning on having a baby, or supporting a woman through her birth experience). It provides inspiration and will help you to prepare and to cement and affirm your desires for the birth of your precious baby.

Birth As We Know It

We have limited DVD copies of the Educational Edition available (Cape Town, South Africa). Please Contact Us if you’d like to find out more about these.


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