Birth Videos

There are some lovely birth videos on You Tube.

Birth videos can be a wonderful way to prepare yourself for birth. It helps you to desensitise to the reality that is birth, and to start becoming familiar with what is normal during birth, and what to expect.

You’ll also instinctively react to and know what you do and don’t like from each birth you see, and in that way you can get a clearer idea of what you’d like for your birth. You’ll end up with a much better idea of what it will really be like and will be able to plan and visualise your birth as you would like it.

Here are some lovely natural and gentle births*:

  • ‘Lyle’s Birth’ – mom labours and gives birth – catching the baby herself – in a birth pool at home, with dad in the pool with her. The mid-wife hasn’t even arrived yet and gets told the baby is born on the phone. Your body really does know what to do!
  • ‘Birth1’ – a very short video of a mom giving birth in water, without making any noise at all.
  • ‘Christian’ – This is the water-birth of a Spanish speaking mum. She vocalises a lot through the birth (not a BAD thing at all, it helps a lot). See how the contractions come and go and her body tells her what to do as each contraction starts and relaxes completely after each one finishes. The mid-wife helps her to birth the head slowly, so she doesn’t tear.
  • VBA3C – This is a beautiful photo video of a woman who finally gave birth to her 4th child naturally, and at home, after 3 Caesarean births.
  • Dutch Home Birth– This is a simple beautiful and calm home vaginal birth on a birthing stool. Translated into English. this one is fairly graphic with a close up of the head emerging beautifully, slowly and with control from a very calm mom. Birth doesn’t get much better than this!
  • HBAC– This is a very moving birth of a mom who had a medically managed vaginal birth with her first son, followed by a Caesarean birth with her second son. Less than a year later she had a successful home vaginal birth after a Caesarean (VBAC) with twin girls!
  • Incredible Laughing Birth – This French woman gives birth naked and completely uninhibited by herself or her birth attendants, she is in bliss and literally revels and laughs as her baby emerges slowly and wonderfully from her and is caught by the dad.

If you’d like to search yourself, try key words such as: Birth, Homebirth, Water Birth etc. There are quite a few videos to chose from (including a funny but slightly disturbing parody called ‘Snakes on a Homebirth’) 😉

Then there are also a host of other more professionally produced videos available such as:

Birth As We Know it: Educational Edition. A profoundly moving film showing conscious, gentle birth and spiritual midwifery.**
by: Elena Tonetti-Vladimorova

Gentle Birth Choices: Gentle and natural ways to give birth. This DVD blends interviews of midwives and physicians with footage of six different birth experiences.
by: Barbara Harper

Kangaroo Mother Care: Rediscover the Natural Way. This video summarises research and evidence to prove that the newborn thrives best in its original rightful place – on its mother’s chest.
by: Dr Nils Bergman

Remember: You don’t fear what you understand.

** We have limited DVD copies of the Educational Edition available (Cape Town, South Africa). Please Contact Us if you’d like to find out more about how to get one of these.


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